Friday, July 1, 2016

Over 2,000 Rallies Invite Fourth of July Reflections About Nation We’ve Become

By John Horvat II | July 1, 2016 | 9:37 AM EDT

The Fourth of July has always been an occasion for Americans to unite together in family, community and faith to celebrate our country’s birth. However, it should also invite us to ponder our foundational institutions and principles. The date should be a time to take action to defend those traditions and moral values that have always defined us as a nation.
This is especially necessary in our times because we have strayed so far from the founders’ vision. The moral consensus that once united us has been so shattered that we are now a polarized and fractured republic. The Fourth of July invites us to reflect upon the sad state of the nation we have become ... and do something about it.
That is why it was so significant that a little over a week before this Independence Day, tens of thousands of Americans from all walks of life gathered nationwide to make these reflections and act upon them. On the eve of the June 26 anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision approving so-called same-sex “marriage,” these Americans held 2,217 rosary rallies registering a loud “No!” to this major step that undermines one of America’s fundamental institutions.
The link between family structures and the birth of our nation could not be clearer. It was the strong foundation of families with a father as the head and the mother as the heart that made America great. Throughout our history, dynamic American families brought America together as one big family to confront war and depression, good times and bad, prosperity and growth. In our literature and culture, we still remember with great longings those times when the family was the basic social unit.  
The Sexual Revolution of the sixties did much to destroy this notion of family by putting sexual gratification over the sacrifice of raising children. It promoted sterile unions that make the contracepted self the center of all relationships. This Revolution has glorified the pleasures of the individual and diminished the concern for the common good. We have departed a long way from the sturdy virtues that saw us born 240 years ago.
The rallies are a response to this America we have become. They are sponsored by the America Needs Fatima campaign, a group of Catholics dedicated to spreading Our Lady of Fatima’s urgent message for society. The idea of these gatherings is to bring the fight for America’s heart and soul to the public square by inviting people to pray publicly for the nation. On June 25, groups of five, ten, fifty or hundreds gathered at conspicuous locations with a large banner promoting marriage, to pray the rosary, and clearly bear witness to the need for America’s return to order.
Nothing could be more American than to question a reigning tyranny, in this case, that of the sexual revolution. Likewise, nothing is more American than confronting corresponding adversity. These brave Americans take on the media and liberal establishment that peddle the absurd view that sexual license is an embodiment of American freedom.
Rally participants know that they will be reviled, ridiculed and even physicallyattacked by “tolerant” individuals who rabidly disagree with the rallies. However, they are often surprised by a much greater outpouring of support from countless passersby, young and old, who are relieved to see defenders of the family in the public square.  
This witness to the family is not just an occasional event. What has come to be called “Saint Joseph traditional marriage rallies” are now held regularly and are growing in locations all across the country. It is a healthy reaction to the sexual revolution and the misguided public policy and judicial fiat that force its agenda upon the nation. It is an encouraging sign that the issue will not go away.
On this Fourth of July, let us celebrate with our families those great American institutions and principles that gave birth to our great nation. But let us also celebrate and resolve to defend marriage and the family, as a means to return to the America we should be.
John Horvat II is a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker, and author of the book Return to Order, as well as the author of hundreds of published articles. He lives in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania where he is the vice president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rediscovering the Ideal Healthcare Plan

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Advice to Graduating Millennials: Don’t Jump the Ropes - Crisis Magazine

Advice to Graduating Millennials: Don’t Jump the Ropes - Crisis Magazine: As I walked down the aisle of the plane, I saw in the seat next to mine an amiable young fellow—a real live millennial. I was intrigued by the opportunity to talk. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of millennial-age young people cross my path. Most of them don’t make a big deal about their “millennialness.” …

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Are The Bathroom Wars ‘Idiotic Stuff?’

I received an email from an irate reader who claimed that the bathroom wars were all about “idiotic stuff.”  Abortion, marriage, and other such issues are all the “frivolous nonsense” by which political parties rile up their bases and control the narrative.
The reader claimed that the real issues are economic and foreign policy.  He rejoiced at the fact that the present outsider candidates have excluded the “idiotic stuff” from the debate narrative.  He has a point, since the remaining candidates are doing everything possible to sideline these moral issues.
Between the lines, my irate reader was saying that a nation should submit itself to the rule of money, making it the principal measure of all relationships and values. Everything should be reduced to trade and commercial contracts with a corresponding foreign policy. The rule of money introduces the frenetic intemperance of intense economic activity, which is cold and impersonal, fast and frantic, mechanical and inflexible.  If one holds to this conception of life, then money becomes the most important consideration; it rules.  All else is indeed “idiotic stuff.”
But what my reader did not understand is that life is not only about money.  The rule of money facilitates merely the creation of a soulless, materialistic system.  What is really at stake here is a conception of man that has been long envisioned by “enlightened” thinkers according to which men are just evolving animals that exist to gratify their passions.  As society “evolves,” there comes the call for an ever increasing suppression of moral laws, limits, and now restrictive identities.
That is why the bathroom wars are so very important.  “Transgenderism” has nothing to do with “rights” and everything to do with changing the very concept of man.  If this battle isn’t important, why is the government (and the media) doing everything possible to force anti-moral bathroom diktats down the throats of Americans?  If this battle is of such little consequence, then why are the candidates doing everything possible to exclude these issues from the debate narrative?  The ruthless ferocity of the war only confirms that moral issues are powerful forces to be reckoned with inside society.
Make no mistake about it: the target is the human element, so essential to the proper functioning of society and economy.  This distorted concept of humanity that hates all restraint aims to destroy the natural restraining influence of those human institutions such as religion, custom, morals, family, and community.

With the bathroom wars, a cruel new phase in the battle now begins.  The main target is no longer the external restraints of institutions, but the internal restraints of logic, identity, and sexuality.  People can no longer be limited by what they are – they must now be free to be that which they imagine themselves to be.
In other words, reality no longer matters, and fantasy reigns.  And when fantasy rules, there is no limit to the proposed absurdities. Deep calls unto deep, as nothing is sacred anymore.
If man is but an evolving animal now free to live out fantasies, then no spiritual values are recognized.  They can all be sacrificed on this altar of the absurd.  There is no one who cannot be stripped of his human dignity and privacy in the name of imagined rights. Unlike past engagements in this battle, there is no opting out.  A person no longer indulges in a fantasy alone, but all society is forced to pander to it.
The worst thing about the bathroom wars is that they target the most vulnerable.  The government mandate puts the children on the front line of this cruel experiment.  The modesty that protects their tender innocence is now fair game.  To the commissars now executing the bathroom diktat might be addressed the cry: have you no decency?
This is not “idiotic stuff.”  It is a religious war, since it involves a denial of the human nature God created and the wish to replace it with another which He did not.

Are The Bathroom Wars ‘Idiotic Stuff?’ |

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lourdes: A Girl Born Deaf Can Now Hear

(Paris) She was born deaf. This past May 11 shortly before 20:30 she took off her prosthesis and said to her mother: "I no longer need this. I hear now." We're talking about a little girl who was staying with her mother, her grandmother and her brother on pilgrimage in Lourdes.
"The girl was born prematurely on December 25 of 2009. To save her, her doctors administered the drugs that damaged her hearing organs. In Gaslini Hospital of Genoa their own prostheses were used as hearing devices had no effect on her. With the help of speech therapy she learned in the course of time to read lips and speak with difficulty. Her story was told Giuseppe Secondi, the Unitalsi conductor of Milan West, who led the pilgrimage with the girl. Unitalsi is an ecclesial service, the Ambulance service operates at  Lourdes and other international as well as Italian sanctuaries.
As a gift to her family, the mother decided to make a thanksgiving pilgrimage to Our Lady at Lourdes with the children, which included her own mother.

Our Lady of Loudes

The pilgrimage took place in the usual way. Prayer, Holy Mass, dipping into the wells. On the evening of May 11, "we returned after the conclusion of the Eucharistic procession to the hotel," said the mother. "I was playing a bit with the kids, then I wanted to go to the meeting of the pilgrims who are first time attendees on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. When I told my daughter that I would go away but be inevitably long, she suddenly said in a clear voice, as she had never spoken before, that I should stay."
During the meeting pilgrim pilgrimage conductor Secondi was called. He was told that the girl had taken her hearing prosthesis out and told the mother that she no longer need it, because she could now hear.
"We stood in disbelief in front of her. From an adjoining room we called her several times with a soft voice and have found that she could really hear us.  Above all, she now speaks very clearly, very different than before."

"I thank you, dear Mother, for what you have done to me"

The next morning Secondi wanted to apply to the Bureau des Constatations Medicales to report the case. Previously, he had accompanied the girl to the grotto. While they were there, he said to the child: "Let's go to my Madonna, mine has a crown on her head."  So we went to the great Lady of Lourdes, crowned statue of Our Lady. As we stood in front of her, the girl said to my astonishment: "I thank you, dear Mother, for what you have done to me."
Then we went to the Bureau des Constatations Medicales. In the waiting room there was a stylized representation of Marie. The girl said: "this is ugly."  When we came into the doctor's room, a picture of the Blessed Mother crowned was hung: "This is the Madonna," she said with satisfaction.
The doctors examined her in detail, then the mother. They performed listening tests. Investigations have since continued in Italy and are still underway. Doctors in Genoa have presented to their astonishment, a cure of the hearing organs. There was also a change in character that took place. The previously very closed, introverted, girl has now become wholly different.
In Lourdes one proceeds with caution and accurate investigations are necessary before a miracle is recognized. The surveys will therefore take some time to complete. The girl and the family are certainly happy and grateful.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons