Thursday, November 28, 2013

What's Behind the Zombie Craze?

By Alejandro Ezcurra

For anyone who is not hopelessly naive, it is obvious that the promotion of certain fashions are artificially controlled, especially those that most favor the cultural revolution.

The "fingerprints" of this mysterious orchestration is apparent with the zombie trend: suddenly, as if obeying a watchword, groups of people appear in major cities of the world parading as walking cadavers, and the mass media is ready to broadcast the unprecedented, large-scale promotion of the horrendous. What does this mean?

Why is a society called "progressive" flirting with cannabilism?

Nobody knows where these pseudo-dead come from; what is known, however, is that the more disgusting and macabre looking they are, the more they are promoted. Hence the simulation of eyes hanging out of their sockets, exposed bone, severed limbs, bloody foam running from the mouth or nose, worm-infested sores, and rotting flesh.

At first glance, the naive may wince and even be horrified, but then — not accustomed to thinking seriously about anything — the episode is brushed aside as yet another event to get used to. Naive minds do not even suspect that these macabre displays might be organized and planned for a reason.

A new human type, the personification of total disorder
Normally we would question: Why anyone would want to appear as a decomposing corpse and who is promoting this aberration. The simple and clear answer emerges in the context of a revolutionary process that is eroding Western Christianity, as masterfully described by Plinio CorrĂȘa de Oliveira in Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Traditional Marriage Referendum to Go Ahead

An unprecedented legislative event will be taking place in Croatia on December 1 on a provision in the constitution that would clearly define marriage as "a living union of a woman and a man".

Although the small Mediterranean coastal country has held four other referendums since it declared its independence from Yugoslavia 22 years ago - on independence, labour law, EU membership, and constitutional reform - none have managed to gather the necessary signatures from more than 10% of the population so quickly.

The "In the Name of the Family" citizens' initiative, to have a referendum on the question of whether to define marriage as "a life union of a woman and a man", managed to gather more than 750,000 signatures in less than two weeks. That represents more than 20% of the population, more than double the minimum required for a referendum.

There is widespread support for the referendum, with five parliamentary parties, 15 non-parliamentary parties, numerous NGOs, and many private families and individuals all calling for it to go ahead. However, the Croatian political elite have been vigorous in their opposition.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holding Hands with The “Gate of Heaven"

by: Norman Fulkerson
Of all the invocations to our Lady, Gate of Heaven is one of the most beautiful. This title had a new meaning for me when I arrived for a Fatima home visit at the house of Dominique McGuire and found her in tears.
Holding hands
Her mother, Marie Jeannine Michel, a native from Haiti, had suffered a massive heart attack the day before and was now dying. I was more than happy to take the statue to visit her at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was painfully clear, when we arrived in the Intensive Care Unit, that this poor soul was reaching the end. Over the next couple of hours we prayed numerous rosaries, litanies and the prayers for the dying by her bedside. We also struggled to provide the dying women with all the spiritual assistance we could.

As we prayed, the attending nurse, who happened to be Catholic, kept calling local Churches to find a priest who would administer last rites. Whenever she entered the room to care for Mrs. Michel she would join in the responses to the Hail Mary. Overwhelmed by the scene, she exclaimed, “I hope when I am dying someone will bring the statue to visit me and pray the rosary.”

Moments before the priest arrived, Dominique asked me if I had an extra scapular for her mother. I did not. As the priest administered the last rites I scurried from the room in search of this precious sacramental, only to find I was the only person wearing one. Mrs. Michel was in much more need of it than me, so with the help of a doctor we temporarily removed her oxygen mask and placed my scapular around the dying woman’s neck. Dominique then took her Miraculous Medal and pinned it on to the scapular.

The most moving part of this visit occurred when Mrs. Michel opened her eyes and showed signs she wanted to speak. When they removed the oxygen mask, Dominique told her mother, in their native tongue, that “Momma Mary” was in the room. Since Mrs. Michel seemed to be already looking into eternity, with a type of “fog of death” in her gaze, I carried the statue over next to her bed. Surprisingly she reached up and took hold of our Lady’s hands and held on for some moments. The oxygen mask was then replaced as the nurse administered morphine to deaden the pain she was experiencing. Mrs. Michel died at 6:00 AM the following morning with Dominique praying beside her bed.

While the America Needs Fatima home visitation program is a very rewarding apostolate, nothing on earth compares to the satisfaction of a visit like this. A person going through such a moving ordeal, however, could naturally ask, “Was there something more we could have done?” In the case of Mrs. Michel, the answer is a resounding no. She received the last rites of Holy Mother Church, was clothed in the brown Scapular, and was almost continuously surrounded by the melodious sound of the Angelic Salutation. Hours before she passed into eternity, Mrs. Michel also had the grace to hold hands with She who truly is the Gate of Heaven.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

“Defeat” in Albuquerque: Who’s Winning the War?

Pro-abortion activists have gloated over their November 19 victory in Albuquerque, N.M. where voters defeated by a 10-point margin an initiative that would have been the nation’s first municipal abortion ban. The measure would have prohibited abortions past 20 weeks. By stopping pro-lifers cold in the city, the pro-abortion movement has claimed a strategic victory that they say represents a tipping point or a turning tide.

Indeed, after the victory celebrations, one would have thought the war was all over. The media were quick to point out the unpopularity of the pro-life message. Everything was done to portray the pro-life position as a war on women. The pro-abortion movement acted as if it had stopped this new threat to abortion in its tracks.

But the reality is far from what the media portrays. The victory in Albuquerque did not stop pro-life momentum. The late-term abortion restriction is hardly new. The 20-week ban has already been adopted in 13 states.

The battle for Albuquerque was definitely a setback, but the pro-life movement is clearly winning the war. With a score of 13-1 over their adversary, the pro-life movement has not only defeated but routed the adversary in this game.

Yet another factor puts the matter in perspective. These are not bans that have been put in place in the distant past. They are all recent victories since 2010. Seven of these state-wide bans were put in place in 2013. The latest ban was in North Carolina, and it passed at the end of June. Texas passed it a few weeks prior.

Nebraska was the first state to pass the 20-week ban in 2010. Idaho, Indiana and Alabama followed in 2011, with Arizona and Georgia next in 2012. In fact, 2013 has been a banner year with Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, North Carolina, Texas and Arkansas joining. While in some of the states the law is being contested in court, the pro-life movement is keeping up the pressure.

Perhaps even more disconcerting for the pro-abortion movement is the fact that the 20-week bans are popular. They need to consider some disturbing demographics. In a June National Journal poll, support for 20-week bans was at or above 50 percent for women, those aged 18 to 29, independents and Republicans. When not even the women and youth are on board on this so-called women’s issue, pro-abortionists are in big trouble.

Finally, it should be noted that the Albuquerque election was actually a pilot project to take the battle to cities after all the victories in the states. It was not meant to be a decisive battleground or a last stand. It is a new frontier in which activists are testing the possibilities of bringing the abortion fight to local communities that are often more favorably disposed to the pro-life cause. With less than 87,000 votes cast in liberal Albuquerque, this year’s referendum can hardly be called a rising tide. It can be called an opening volley for the new battles ahead.

“Defeat” in Albuquerque: Who’s Winning the War?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Economic Depression of the Renaissance

The Economic Depression of the Renaissance  
Written by John Horvat II

Historians like to point out that the Renaissance was a period of great growth and development. It was a “rebirth” that took Europe out of the backward darkness of the Middle Ages.

Such a vision of the Middle Ages does not correspond to reality – at least from an economic perspective. The Middle Ages was an age of incredible economic growth and development – some have even called it the First Industrial Revolution. At the same time, the Renaissance represented a time of stagnation and decline. In fact, some more accurate historians have labeled it as a time of severe economic depression.

Medieval historian Joseph Strayer writes:
“The economy of Western Europe was slowing down in the last decade of the 13th century, and a depression began soon after 1300. This depression, one of the worst in history, persisted throughout the 14th century and well in the 15th…The status economy of the early Middle Ages had been based on a social organization in which almost everyone had some land and which money income was unimportant. By the late 14th century, there were thousands of landless men in every region of Western Europe and even more who depended on money incomes."

(Joseph R. Strayer, Western Europe in the Middle Ages: A Short History, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1955, p. 207)

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Were you aware of the Economic Depression of the Renaissance?

Monday, November 18, 2013

This Is Not Thanksgiving

This Is Not Thanksgiving 

If you believe that Thanksgiving is to thank God for what we have, not to buy more things you don’t have or need, then please send Macy’s this urgent petition message:

Don’t Open on Thanksgiving

The department store Macy’s has never opened for business on Thanksgiving in all its 155 years!
Bending to pressure to keep up with competition, Macy’s has announced that it will break that 155 year tradition. It’s time to say loud and clear: Keep Your Thanksgiving Tradition!


This is an example of frenetic intemperance. And if we don’t react, the next generation of children will be celebrating the day only by running out to shop for the Thanksgiving Day sale. Or lining up at 5 am on Thanksgiving morning for a sale to buy a super size television set.

We should save Thanksgiving for the next generation by telling Macy’s to remain closed for business; to keep their 155 year tradition alive. In addition, by staying closed on Thanksgiving, Macy’s employees can stay home with family, so they can offer thanks to God for what they already have.
Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?


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Friday, November 15, 2013

Virtual Visit to the Chapter Room in Portugal

Very Beautiful!
Virtual visit to the Chapter room at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Statues that Survived the Typhoon in the Phillipines

Above are statues and images that survived the supertyphoon  in the Philippines.
Like the statues that survived in Sandy, they definitely send a message to us...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hawaii Lawmaker: Opposition Strong to Same-Sex Marriage

The Hawaii House has been debating a same-sex marriage bill before the Legislature for four long days now.

An unprecedented 5,000 people signed up to testify. Mainstream news outlets are claiming most who signed up support redefining marriage. Numbers from the House Minority Office   — responsible for registering those who want to testify — tell a different story.

State Rep. Bob McDermott, a Republican, said the opposition to changing marriage is “overwhelming.” He cites the following figures from the office:

Thursday:  18 percent support; 82 percent oppose
Friday:       20 percent support; 80 percent oppose
Saturday:  10 percent support; 90 percent oppose
Sunday:      9 percent support; 91 percent oppose

“While there have also been thousands of pieces of mailed-in testimony, a lot of it can be described as ‘manufactured’ by word processors and database merges,” McDermott explained. “Most of it originates from outside our state. The one form of testimony that cannot be faked is real people, taking the time from their families, to come down to the Capitol and wait for hours to give personal, heartfelt testimony. These are real people, citizens of Hawaii and voters, and they are still coming to the Capitol by the hundreds.”

Hawaii Lawmaker: Opposition Strong to Same-Sex Marriage

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catholic Conclave: Is This A Tabernacle or a Scene Out of Star Trek?

The tabernacle of the Marylake Augustinians, near Ontario.    It looks more like a piece of scenery from Star Trek which was never even used for filming.

Weighs two and a half tons.  It is made of travertine marble and was sculpted by Mr. Earl Neiman
who also fashioned the celebrants chair and lectern in the same material. His wife, Maria, executed the bronze crucifix,  candleholders and sanctuary lamp, as well as the terra-cotta stations of the cross.

The church itself looks rather more like Starfleet Command than a church.

Update- when I wrote the above comment, I had not actually checked what Starfleet Command looked like.  Many a true word spoken in jest.

 Taken from:
Catholic Conclave: A tabernacle Jim, but not as we know it.:

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Communist Hatred of All Property

The Communist Hatred of All PropertyThe hatred of private property is something proper to communism. However, it is not just large properties that are targeted by the communists. They hate especially small properties since they are the seeds from which free markets later bloom.

 Lenin wrote: ‘Small-scale commercial production is, every moment of every day, giving birth spontaneously to capitalism and the bourgeoisie…. Wherever there is small business and freedom of trade capitalism appears.’ He is even supposed to have said: ‘capitalism begins in the village marketplace.’ (as quoted in Fernand Braudel, Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th Century: The Perspective of the World, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1984, p. 631)

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Flight Turns Unforgettable When Passengers Learn of Fallen Soldier

Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles seemed to be an ordinary flight with the exception of Candy, who was the most loving flight attendant I’ve ever encountered. Besides using her Southern charm to quickly defuse every situation, she began her welcome announcement by thanking the handful of uniformed soldiers on-board for serving our country. Her poignant message was followed by applause, and it put into perspective that none of us would be able to do what we do without these brave men and women.

But this transcontinental flight turned out to be everything but ordinary. We later learned, when the captain got on the PA system about 45 minutes prior to landing, that we were transporting a fallen soldier. The plane went quiet as he explained that there was a military escort on-board and asked that everyone remain seated for a couple of minutes so the soldiers could get off first. He also warned us not to be alarmed if we see fire trucks since Los Angeles greets their fallen military with a water canon salute. See my video below.

A few minutes after touchdown, we did indeed have a water canon salute, which I’d previously only experienced on happy occasions like inaugural flights. This time, the water glistening on the windowpanes looked like tears.

Passengers in the airport must have been worried when they saw our plane pull into gate 69A, as we had a full police and fire escort, front and back.

I was on the left side of the plane and later realized that the family could be seen off to the right, standing with the United States Army Honor Guard. According to Wikipedia, each military branch has its own honor guard, usually military in nature, and is composed of volunteers who are carefully screened. One of the primary roles for honor guards is to provide funeral honors for fallen comrades.

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