Monday, August 10, 2009

Caravans Confirm Most Americans Are Pro-Traditional Marriage

By James Bascom

From July 16 to August 1, volunteers for the American TFP traveled across New York, Maine, and Rhode Island to defend traditional marriage.

From July 15 to August 2, 2009, three teams of TFP volunteers launched a traditional marriage crusade in Maine, New York and Rhode Island. Called “Saint Joseph Caravans,” these volunteers distributed fliers that offered “10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed,” held signs asking cars to “Honk for Traditional Marriage” and rallied public opinion against state-imposed homosexual “marriage.”

The caravans are the latest phase of the American TFP’s effort to defend marriage across America, having toured Maine and New Hampshire in April 2009, and Arizona, California and Florida in September and October 2008. Thirty states have constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage and 41 states have laws banning homosexual “marriage.”

“Pro-homosexual groups are hard at work undermining traditional marriage here in New York,” said Mr. John Ritchie, leader of the Caravan that toured New York City. “But the people here are solidly against it. The honks of support and thumbs-up have been overwhelming.”

“Like counterfeit currency, homosexual ‘marriage’ is not true marriage. It is morally wrong, sinful, offensive to God and a violation of natural law,” continued Mr. Ritchie. “A vocal and organized minority is trying to impose counterfeit marriage on society. If enough good people do nothing, this minority will certainly get their way.”

Some of the best reactions occurred in seemingly hostile places.

In Brooklyn, New York City, one such reaction came from a black man in a pin-striped business suit. “The world is crazy. Not only is homosexual ‘marriage’ going to destroy the family, it’s going to destroy our country.” Looking around, he continued, “I’ve noticed how young boys are less manly these days. Who will fight for our country if boys are acting more like girls?” He shook the TFP volunteer’s hand with a firm grip and said, “Keep it up and God bless you!”

In White Plains, New York, three teenagers approached the campaign table and were curious to know more about it. After a TFP volunteer explained why traditional marriage is so important for society and how homosexual “marriage” is the antithesis of true marriage, one teenager added, “Yes, and besides, the homosexual lifestyle is bad for your health, like AIDS and other things.”

The three teenagers left with fliers in hand, paused at the intersection, and were delighted at all the honking for traditional marriage. They smiled broadly and gave us repeated thumbs-up.
The reaction of pro-homosexual passers-by, however, was far from civil. Pepper spray, bottles, eggs and soft drinks were thrown at TFP volunteers, and foul language and verbal abuse was an everyday occurrence. In Syracuse, New York, a young man and girl approached Mr. John Miller who was holding the TFP standard. Their body piercings and foul language were an indication of what was to come. After a heated debate, the man spat on Mr. Miller and ran away.

While the media promotes the idea that most people are in favor of or are indifferent to homosexual “marriage,” the traditional marriage caravans have proven the opposite. “Wherever people were given a choice, homosexual ‘marriages’ has always failed,” affirmed Mr. Ritchie. “Americans don’t want to see their children grow up in a world that affirms sin and denies natural law.”

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