Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Belgian Boy Saluting Canadian Troops

The video speaks for itself. The young boy sees what all the other people passing by refuse to see.

What attracts him is the higher ideal symbolized in these men in uniform. He sees expressed the moral beauty inherent in military life: the elevation of sentiments, and the willingness to shed one’s blood for a higher cause. He sees the strength for undertaking, for suffering, risking, and winning.

The Canadian troops return the salute with the "Eyes Right" command, the biggest compliment troops on parade can pay and is reserved for dignitaries in reviewing stands.


  1. As a Canadian this is very flattering... I only wish that as a country Canada will truly stand for and embrace the noble sentiments reflected in this video.

  2. This boy remind me the "golden little boy" that Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira analyzed in one of his conferences an what he said about him:
    "For he (for the little boy), there is something that transcends completely the vulgarity of the daily life, and that something is a reflection of God on the earth"

  3. Correction! The "little boy" is a red blooded
    patriotic, heroic , giant of a real man!
    God bless him! Keep your "eyes right" on this
    " little boy " he's got the real stuff . He has true grit, iron man grit ! In a few short
    years we will be able to stand tall as he is and be proud as he is....Thank you mom and dad!