Monday, February 8, 2010

The Rosary of the Dawn - a Massive Public Square Rosary

Here are a few raw video clips of the Rosary of the Dawn in Quito, Ecuador on February 2. To give you an idea of what this event means, imagine a huge procession around the White House and Capitol in Washington D. C. That was essentially what we did.

You will also see the profound religious sentiment of the Ecuadorian people who love to display their Faith and devotion to Our Lady in the public square. Alas, the corrosive effect of progressivism and liberation theology has kept them from doing this often. It has also left them without a firm doctrinal foundation needed to resist so many modern evils.

Yet another thing to consider is that ten years ago this procession had only a few dozen people attending. It has resurrected and there were blocks and blocks of people, some 6,000 souls in the streets at five o'clock in the morning under very difficult conditions. It shows that these are things which attract Catholics and not the leftist social teachings of the liberation theologians!

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