Monday, March 1, 2010

How Would You Answer This Anonymous Comment?

We asked you to protest on this blog when Elton John called Our Lord "a compassionate, super intelligent gay man who understood human problems."

Much to my surprise, a poor anonymous person left the following comment at the bottom of the story:

Anonymous said...

Still awaiting any proof you might have to support your position other than your hate-filled words.

As a Catholic, I can see where Mr. John's position could be accurate, and take issue with your stance.

How would you answer this anonymous comment?

(Use the comment section below to answer)


  1. How can you be Catholic and support a position that is contrary to Church teaching? I don't understand

  2. Hatred held towards any person is, of course, deeply sinful. However, given the explicit denials in the statement that any hatred is held or intended, I would hope that simple charity would be enough to create the presumption that no hatred existed, barring evidence to the contrary. It would be helpful if the anonymous commenter would identify which words specifically overrode this presumption, so that their meaning could be clarified. It should be remembered that calumny is also a sin, potentially even a mortal sin. Then, too, I would ask the commenter to explain how Mr. John's statement can be reconciled with the truth, taught dogmatically by the Catholic Church, that Jesus Christ is not only without sin in His human as well as divine nature, but free also of any disposition to sin.