Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FARC Military Leader Died With His Boots On

This is a terrorist who invented the bicycle bomb. He would have bicycle frames stuffed with explosives and asked poor children if they would like to take a ride around town. When the poor child reached city hall or a police station, the bomb would detonate. He also invented the donkey bomb. He would have a donkey loaded with explosives and spook the poor animal in the direction he wanted it to go and then detonate it.

The man was Colombian terrorist Mono Jojoy, key military commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He was also believed to have been in charge of their cocaine-trafficking operations. He was killed by the Colombian military on Sept. 21. He died with his boots on -- and that proved his undoing.

After evading justice for over a decade, the Colombian armed forces, with the help of American military training and technology, were able to locate Mono Jojoy through his boots. Jojoy, whose real name was Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas, was diabetic and needed special shoes since the diabetes affected the circulation on his feet.

According the Colombian newspaper reports, Colombian intelligence intercepted an order for Mono Jojoy’s boots and placed a GPS chip, which started transmitting his precise location on Monday.

The ensuing raid on his camp was an all-out military operation involving dozens of aircraft and three tons of explosives. Following the raid, the Colombian military recovered 15 laptops, 94 USB devices and 14 hard disks, which will yield vital intelligence on the FARC’s operations.

This is a huge coup for the Colombian government and a most crippling blow against the FARC. Mono Jojoy was not only a symbol of the FARC, but also directly involved in its kidnapping and cocaine-trafficking operations, and left no clear successor.

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