Friday, October 1, 2010

Polish Bishops' Conference Refuses to Consecrate Poland to Christ the King

Warsaw ( Poland's bishops are against the campaign of a popular movement that wants to consecrate Poland to Christ the King. Their motto is: Christ, King of Poland. This plan should be given up, said the president of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Jozef Michalik, this Wednesday at the close of the autumn meeting of bishops in Warsaw. The Kingdom of Christ is "not of this world."

In the concluding explanation the Bishops warn against the idea that the enthronement of Christ as the King of Poland, "will solve all problems." In place of this they propose, the deepening faith in Christ as the "King of the Universe." Michalik recognized the good intentions of the movement.

More than 1,000 people recently demonstrated in Warsaw for a proclamation of Christ the King of Poland. They came with National flags and pictures of the Crowned Christ.

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  1. This is incredible! Why not consecrate?
    It can only help!
    That is what we need here!