Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mugabe Attends Ceremony Despite Attacks on Church

Newsday reports that Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe attended the beatification ceremony for the late Pope John Paul II, a few days after lashing out at the Roman Catholic Church.

The brutal octogenarian leader attacked the church at a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) conference in Bikita.

He said: “Often Catholic bishops expose that they are not their own men. They are mere puppets of Western countries. I grew up in the Catholic Church but now I am totally frustrated by how these so-called men of God lie. All Catholic bishops are liars, they demonise my party every day.”

President Mugabe attended Catholic Jesuit schools in his youth. Now, Catholic priests and especially former Bulawayo Archbishop Pius Ncube, are exposing political injustices of his regime.

Recently, a Catholic priest from Lupane, Father Marko Mnkandla, was arraigned before the courts in leg irons for the "crime" of holding a Mass for survivors and victims of Mugabe's brutal suppression of any who oppose his corrupt regime.

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