Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sodom and Gomorrah's Totalitarian Ideology

Written by Massimo Viglione

One of the best methods to track the evolution of the disruptive process destroying what remains of our Christian civilization, and–wherever possible–the same order created and desired by God, is to analyze the messages conveyed by certain advertisements, particularly those of a less commercial and more ideological nature.

Advertising and Homosexual Ideology
One could cite dozens of examples from the last few years, ranging from–just to name a few–those by the award-winning Benetton/Oliviero Toscani Company to those by Ikea (which I have already commented upon recently), which were open to all “family types” (depicting two young men hand in hand).

A short time after that masterpiece by the Swedish multinational (which, in spite of its subversive folly, in principle could still claim, though hypocritically, some commercial logic), another gay advertising campaign invaded Rome. This one featured huge billboards and public transportation ads. This campaign followed the “success” of the “gay pride” March and celebrates the tenth anniversary of the “Gay Village,” a common summer haunt for homosexuals regularly funded by the City of Rome when the mayor was “me-too” Veltroni, and also now with the Catholic but homosexual sympathizing mayor Alemanno (a committed sponsor of the recent “gay pride” event).

Subreptious Homosexual Message
This time the advertising had nothing to do with business but was strictly ideological. What is the meaning of this campaign? Why is it worth talking about in an article? I will try to explain it right away in just a few words to the best of my ability.

I believe that what may seem at first glance a polemical “gay-style” jest in fact puts forth a real and advancing agenda toward a “hell-like” world. There were various versions of this advertisement, but the common theme is this: a couple is portrayed with long Pinocchio noses (who knowingly lie) and ask: “We? Seriously?” all topped by the word, “Gay Village.”

No one should mistake the meaning of this message: even those who hypocritically pretend to be scandalized, or at least to have no interest at all in frequenting the “Gay Village” (with its full-fledged homosexuals) should be able to figure it out.

In short, it’s all about hypocrisy: we are a bunch of Pinocchios that sooner or later will drop our mask and openly manifest the homosexuality that exists in us, in all of us who believe that homosexuality is an abhorrent sin. Deep down we do not understand that we are either hypocrites or conditioned by a backward culture. Sooner or later, thanks to the homosexual movement and complicit politicians (and here the list is very long and growing by the day), we will ditch our fake Pinocchio noses and show our true nature.

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