Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Send Your E-protest against a Blasphemous Exhibition that Mocks Our Crucified Lord

The Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, is exhibiting the blasphemous work by Martin Kippenberger, Feet First, a four foot high wooden sculpture of a crucified frog in loincloth, brandishing a mug of beer and an egg.

The Vatican denounced a 2008 showing of this as “…provocative and blasphemous…”


You can make a difference in the halls of heaven and in your own life.

This world-wide group of like-minded spirits, who proclaim themselves as ‘progressive’ people, allow and promote such insults to Our Lord at every opportunity they have and are never satisfied with expressing insults to God, Our Lord, Our Lady, Catholicism, and purity.


You are in great company when you protest this macabre “exhibit”. According to press reports, the Vatican denounced this so-called “art” when it was exhibited in Bolzano, Italy, in 2008.

•, August 29, 2008, the work “was condemned by the Vatican as blasphemous.” [emphasis added – Ed.]

• again, according to the article mentioned above, a regional government representative (South Tyrol, Italy), Franz Pahl, did a week long hunger strike, and said the exhibit was a “grave offense to our Catholic population.” [emphasis added – Ed.]

• according to, Stephen Kaplan’s art review blog, Sept. 1, 2008, “various clergy, government functionaries [Italian – Ed.], and Vatican spokesmen…have denounced it as provocative and blasphemous, and demanded its removal.” [emphasis added – Ed.]

• again,, in the same article, stated that to support the removal “there have been various actions, including a hunger strike by a local politician, a petition signed by 10,000 citizens, and a protest march.” [emphasis added – Ed.]

• and (Arcadja Art Magazine) June 10, 2008, reports “the case has also been assessed by the ecclesiastic apex. The general secretary of the Cei, Mons. Giuseppe Betori, … said that ‘this episode cannot be left unspoken about.’” [emphasis added – Ed.]

Are we to do less?

It’s a vile thing. They promote bigotry and hatred using one of the holiest of objects, while disclaiming that the “art” in question is just a matter of opinion and perspective, with them, of course, holding the better, more “open” opinion.

If all of the above isn’t enough to get you to protest this blasphemy, consider the link to satanic ritual that Nicole Davis brings up in her October, 2005 article "I Love Kippenberger" (

In it she says “The Cross of a Frog [an even more impure representation of this same work by Kippenberger – Ed.] is also a satanic ritual outlined by occultist Alistair Crowley in his book of “Libers.” In reference to the frog he orders, ‘During the day thou shalt approach the frog whenever convenient, and speak words of worship. Also thou shalt promise to the frog elevation fitting for him; and all this while thou shalt be secretly carving a cross whereupon to crucify him.’…The ritual continues its instructions uncannily ‘Then shalt thou stab the frog to the heart with the Dagger of Art.’”

It’s time for us, as devotees of Our Lord to protest and pray in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lord’s crucifixion and its meaning are off limits to such profanation and mockery.


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