Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talk About Bullying: Pro-homosexual Teacher Bullies Catholic Student

The latest video released by the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance reports how Daniel Glowacki, a 16-year-old junior at Howell High School in Michigan, was persecuted for refusing to go along with the homosexual agenda in class.

Daniel’s economics teacher, Jay McDowell, queried his students about their position regarding homosexuality.  As a Catholic, Daniel responded that he followed Church teaching on the issue.
Daniel Glowacki
God bless
Daniel Glowacki.
According to the interview, the pro-homosexual teacher had a fit. “He said we lost our right to free speech when we stepped inside his classroom,” said Daniel Glowacki. “I’ve never really been yelled at by a teacher like that before, so when he started yelling at me, I was just kind of in shock.”

The Thomas More Law Center is representing the boy in a lawsuit against the local school district and the offending teacher. 


  1. WOW! I have heard of teachers declaring that the students lost their rights, but it was said in a half-jesting manner to make the point that the classroom is not a democracy, etc.... It sounds like the "teacher" meant it. God bless Daniel for his courage - there is one young man who knows what the sacrament of confirmation is all about!

    V. Double

  2. In Arizona homosexuals created a law that makes it a felony to appear 'threatening and intimidating'.

    You only have to appear 'threatening and intimidating' to be arrested and charged.

    The queer Law Enforcement in Arizona gleefully enforced this law used by homosexuals against heterosexual 'bigots' and so on.

    Until many of us started using the law ourselves.

    Queer zealots and their Liberal friends hit the brakes hard when they found out what is good for the goose also applies for the gander.

    They have quietly set this law aside and are ignoring it since a few of them went to the slammer.

    Heterosexuals need to start learning defense mechanisms like "The Teacher created a hostile learning environment for me, and I felt threatened and intimidated, and feared for my safety."

    The statement is truthful.