Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good News: Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Lose in Rhode Island

Five of the six Rhode Island Senate candidates who support same-sex marriage lost during the state’s Democratic primaries last Wednesday, despite massive backing from special-interest groups.

“The Rhode Island Senate looks like it will again be safe for defending marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” National Organization for Marriage Northeast Director Chris Plante told CitizenLink.
Incumbent Sen. Mike McCaffrey, who supports marriage and the right to life, beat Laura Pisaturo, who supports same-sex marriage.

In addition to Pisaturo, the other same-sex marriage supporters challenging incumbents or vying for open seats who lost Wednesday are David Gorman, Gene Dyszlewski, Lewis Pryeor, and Robert DaSilva.  night.

Rhode Island has had a law allowing same-sex civil unions since last year; however, only 68 same-sex couples statewide have obtained those licenses in the state, according to The Boston Globe.

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Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Lose in Rhode Island

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