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IMPRESSIVE: Thousands join Spontaneous Protests as France fast-tracks gay ‘marriage’ law

Hundreds gathered spontaneously at Place Bellecour in Lyons earlier this week to protest the gay 'marriage' law.
Le Salon Beige
April 16, 2013 ( - Since last Friday, public demonstrations against same-sex “marriage” and adoption in France have been escalating, not only in Paris but also in remote provincial towns and even abroad among French expatriates. The Senate’s approval of the gay marriage bill (known as the “loi Taubira,” after the Justice Minister that proposed the text to the legislature) has sparked off a wave of anger, and groups of determined young people all over the country have decided to make their presence felt.
For the Minister of the Interior and the police forces, the situation is turning into a nightmare. There is no centralized organization behind the rallies to look to for information about the next action, no unified group to follow, no “youths” who are “well known by the police,” as is the case when ethnic riots burst out in Paris.
The demonstrators are law-abiding citizens who have no wish to steal, vandalize or hurt the law enforcement officers. They are massively answering calls to join spur-of-the-moment demonstrations via their cell phones and social media. They are in the streets to stop a law that they believe would badly hurt the common good, and they are prepared to give their time, efforts and even a few hours in custody to put a stop to the redefinition of marriage.

Demonstration in Versailles
Le Salon Beige
Since the beginning, François Hollande’s socialist government has apparently been gambling on the idea that same-sex “marriage” opponents’ mobilization would flag in the face of an accelerated agenda to push the legislation through. But the contrary is true: even the “Manif pour tous” (“Demonstration for all”), the grass-root organization that ran the three major rallies in Paris in November, January and March, has now taken to organizing undeclared public demonstrations in defiance of French laws and regulations which make a preliminary declaration to the police compulsory.
Last Friday afternoon and evening, many thousands of people answered the “Manif pour tous’” call to voice their outrage at the manner in which the Senate adopted the “loi Taubira” with a show of hands in the absence of at least two thirds of the senators, followed within a few hours by the decision to return the text to the National Assembly as of Wednesday 17th April, five weeks ahead of the official calendar.
The demonstrators rallied near the Palais du Luxembourg, which houses the Senate, and were joined by the overtly Catholic group Civitas which had been praying there every evening for more than a week. As on March 24th, teargas was again used against the demonstrators and a number of them were hurt or picked up by the police.
Near midnight large groups of demonstrators managed to move to the main central arteries of Paris, successively blocking the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the rue de Rivoli, the Avenue de l’Opéra and the Town Hall Square; they finally reached the Elysée – the presidential palace – in two separate groups, taking the police by surprise and encircling them. As one of the demonstrators was to say afterwards: “If we had been hooligans things could have degenerated very fast.”

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