Monday, July 8, 2013

An Unhappy “Gay Day” Experience

Prior to the May 31– June 2 Gay Days” weekend event at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, America Needs Fatima petitioned Disney to drop this and all future celebrations of homosexual behavior. Within ten days, 14,077 petitions were gathered and sent to Disney’s CEO Robert Iger.

Later in June, America Needs Fatima received the following testimony from a French mother of nine. Her story perfectly illustrates why innocent children and unsuspecting families deserve better than a promotion of unnatural vice when they pay for Disney tickets.
My husband and I experienced the “Gay Days” in Orlando, in 2002, and it was a horrible experience. We went with our three first boys; seven, five and three years old. 

We knew that something was going wrong when we noticed that everybody was dressed in red t-shirts, we still hadn't gazed at the “Gay Days” on them.

Inside Magic Kingdom (the park intended for kids ages one to ten) things got worse. Some men were dressed with minimal Lycra shorts [a spandex brand], revealing everything, and with women shoes. Other men began kissing scandalously in front of our kids, in the waiting lanes, where we couldn't flee away.  We tried to cover the eyes of our kids with our hands; they enjoying our anguish, smiling meanly, doubled their kisses and hugs.

I'm not exaggerating if I tell you that [the] evil in the air could be sliced with a knife.

Finally we left the lane and sought a park executive. We told him that we had come from a far away country to have a pleasant and innocent day with our little kids in this park, and not to witness hell on earth.

The executive told us he couldn't do anything and gave us tickets to return another day. But the magic of Disney had fallen forever. Disney would never return to the fantastic park it was in the past. The magic had gone forever.

Thanks for hearing my testimony.


  1. How sad for this woman and her beloved family.

  2. The only anguish that this woman felt was self-created. Unfortunately she also infected her children with terror, for no reason. No one was even paying attention to her.

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