Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Double-Header Of Blasphemy: Protest Now!

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told is being shown as “holiday fare” at (1) Kalita Humphreys Theater in Dallas, TX, and also at (2) City Space Theatre in Oklahoma City, OK, and this blasphemous play is a vile insult to the Mother of God! – because she is insulted as a lesbian!
(Warning: descriptions are disturbing) 
Send your e-protest message to both theaters. 
Press reports say The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told 
portrays Our Lady as a lesbian
presents a homosexual version of the Old
Testament, with scenes of “Adam and
Steve” in full frontal nudity
Because protests work! But only if thousands speak out.
That’s why it’s urgent that you help us get this very urgent message to 250,000 Catholics over the Internet, to spread the word against this awful blasphemy to Our Lady.
Trusting in Our Lady and your help, we’ve already placed a 30-day ad in the ‘carousel’ at the top of the Bible section of Catholic Online and are seeing good reaction.
And on December 5th, Mr. Francis Slobodnik, director of your annual National Rosary Rally Crusade in our Kansas Office, travelled 5 hours south with his family and a small group through the recent incredible Midwest Ice Storm, and shivered thoroughly to lead your on-site protest of this blasphemous play in Oklahoma City, OK.
And to lead the protest this past Sunday, December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we flew Mr. John Ritchie and 3 full-time volunteers to Dallas, TX, from our headquarters in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, plus Mr. Thomas Drake and 3 more of our full-time volunteers made the 8-hour drive all the way from our regional bureau in Louisiana to fortify that on-site reaction and 15-decade rosary rally of reparation.
Lately, we got the blasphemous “Testament of Mary” play (written by homosexual playwright Colm Toibin) to close after only 2 weeks in a planned 6 week off Broadway run in New York City.
Before that we got the blasphemous homosexual “Jesus” play Corpus Christi canceled at two theaters. Also, Planned Parenthood was deleted from the websites of two Catholic universities due to our protests. And many more.
But these protests worked ONLY because thousands joined us.
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told can be shut down if we get thousands of Catholics to say CANCEL THE INSULT TO OUR LADY.
Otherwise, people will continue to see:
According to City Pages: “Contrary to church doctrine, the Virgin Mary turns out to be a flaky lesbian… Adam, Steve, and company have gathered in a Chelsea loft to celebrate Christmas and a second immaculate conception.” 
So please:
Send your e-protest message to both theaters.

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