Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scenes from the Midwest Pro-Life March

Mark Serafino reports:
Today we had the privilege of attending the Midwest March for Life today in Jefferson City. Valerie and I estimated 300+ people in VERY windy and cold conditions. Bishop Gaydos (Jefferson City Diocese) gave an excellent talk along with so many other inspirational speakers. Life Runners was very well represented, it was such an inspiration to see Ed H. there who was receiving his 33rd round of chemotherapy WHILE the event was going on. For those of you who don’t know him, he is perhaps the toughest man I have ever met. Ed is fighting cancer and has fought as bravely and ferociously as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s run full marathons while receiving chemo treatments through a portable pack! He carries and runs with the American Flag at all events.

There were many priests there and the crowd was decidedly Catholic! Below are some candids taken during the March

Anyway, Missouri is so close to becoming the first Abortion Free State in the Country. We’re down to one abortion mill…please keep praying and standing up for the unborn.

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  1. The Coalition for Life - St. Louis is looking to do exactly what Mr. Horvat's blog has called for - end abortion in Missouri. To all readers, please join it in the upcoming Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign.

    Bryan Kirchoff
    St. Louis