Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lessons For Life: Wolves Attack Those Who Are Not United

Watch this Discovery Channel video and apply its valuable lesson to your life!


The wolves in this life attempt cunningly and desperately to separate YOU from your family, and most especially from God's family on earth: the Church. They know they must do this to be able to eat you!

The human wolves use fashions, sex, music, movies, propaganda, and corruption of every kind to distance you from those who can best protect you and from those moral values, ethical principles, and epic ideals that strengthen your ability to outrun the wolves!

Many end up in the jaws of the wolves. They get eaten before they even know it.

Don't be outsmarted by the wolves. Don't separate yourself from your family and your values. Let no one or nothing separate you from Our Lord and Our Lady.
They are your best friends! Stay close to them for your own safety and protection and you will win the battle for Heaven.

See for yourself how the wolves act.

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