Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Protest Now! Shame on Saint Louis University!

I'm rushing this alert to you because Saint Louis University -- a Catholic institution -- recently ripped out a prominent statue of Fr. De Smet, which depicts his prayerful apostolate with the Indians.
Fact #1: Fr. De Smet was a heroic Jesuit missionary who converted many Indians. The Indians loved him. He even served as Saint Louis University's first dean.
Fact #2: But radical leftists called for the sculptor's removal because they claimed it stood for "white supremacy", "racism" and "colonialism."
Fact #3: University president, Dr. Fred Pestello, basically threw Fr. De Smet and his own university's Catholic heritage under the bus by ordering the statue's removal.
Tractors rolled in. And carted the statue seen in the picture below away.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pestello reportedly agreed to build a brand new monument on campus to celebrate the anarchist "Occupy" protest movement.
But there's no room for Fr. De Smet on a Catholic campus? Really?
That's how the dictatorship of "inclusion" and "tolerance" works these days.
You and I can't be silent.

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