Monday, September 21, 2015

Cardinal Burke, Prelates Speak Out In Video About Synod

The Polish language magazine,Polonia Christiana has just released an explosive documentary about the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome on October 4-25. Titled “Crisis: Where Will the Synod Lead Us?”, the film focuses on the extent of the crisis in the Church in face of the synod. It features interviews with Raymond Cardinal Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga.

Cardinal Burke warns that the Church is facing “a critical moment” in which "we may have to give our all to safeguard and promote the truth of the Faith, not only for own salvation but for the salvation of our world and for the generations to come.”

To read more and see the video, click on the link below

Tradition, Family, and Property - Prelates Speak Out In Video About Synod

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