Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boys Embrace Chivalry at TFP Fall Camp

Pop-culture tells us that happiness is found in money, pleasure and prestige.  We are told not to pursue those lofty ideals of honor, heroism and sacrifice that flourished during the Age of Faith.  After all, Hollywood leads the way now.  This is 2015, not 1099.  Get with the times.

However, at the 2015 TFP-Louisiana Call to Chivalry Fall Camp a new generation of boys has turned away from the Hollywood paradigm and embraced the virtues of Chivalry with great enthusiasm.  More and more boys sense that Hollywood is fake and Chivalry is real.

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From November 20-25, dozens of boys between the ages of 12-18 joined the 5th annual TFP Fall Camp in the wilderness of the Ozarks in Arkansas.  Housed in log cabins nestled on the edge of the Buffalo River, the young men arrived with their fathers for an action-packed furlough of adventure.  The setting of solitude was ideal for reflection, prayer, educational talks, good Catholic conversation and outdoor activity.

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Boys Embrace Chivalry at TFP Fall Camp

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