Thursday, November 5, 2009

When 500 Scotish Catholics Protest Blasphemy, People Take Notice

The following report comes from TFP supporter Mr. Neil McKay in Scotland who organized a very successful rally-protest:

Following the horrendous public defacement of the bible, organized by Glasgow city arts council, a further and worse abomination was planned for 3-5 November at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow city centre - entitled ‘Jesus Queen of Heaven’ in which Jesus was portrayed as a woman and a transvestite, and a paper mache crucifix was made from torn up pieces of the Bible.

The Holy Family Apostolate decided something had to be done.

We put an ad in the Scottish Catholics Observer headed ‘Catholics of Scotland- Action needed,’ inviting Catholics to attend a Rosary of Reparation outside the theatre on opening night.

We were several phone calls from people saying they were happy to attend, and some who said that, while they couldn’t attend personally, they would be organizing rosaries and/or a mass and benediction for around the time we would be at the theatre. Judging by the phone calls, we estimated that around 50 to 100 people would be attending.

We were delayed in getting to the venue due to traffic problems. After parking the car 2 streets away, we hurried to the venue with Neil and Alexander Mc Kay carrying a half-size statue of Our Lady of Fatima on their shoulders.

On turning the corner into the street, we were greeted with the bellow of 500 Catholics loudly praying the Rosary at the top of their voices. Some protestants were singing their songs nearby, but this only made the Catholics pray all the louder.

Few theatre goers dared traverse the gauntlet of militant Catholics who lined the path to the entrance. They chose another entrance through the back of the theatre cafe. Our Lady was like a guard at the theatre entrance. Our Lady, Queen of Heaven holding her true position against the abdominal play ‘Jesus Queen of Heaven.’ Everyone was focused on her, praying and singing with their candles lit.

Our banner read ‘United in Prayer, we beg pardon for the insults to your Holy Name, Lord.' Other people brought their own banners.

The STV (Scottish Television) cameras were there and journalists for the Daily Mail, Daily Express, and the Scottish Catholic Observer.

We contacted the police - who were truly amazing and very happy to help. Two officers said afterwards that they were pleased with the way things turned out, and that they were there more to protect us than to manage the crowd, as they had not expected any trouble from us.

We have just seen the newspaper article (‘Hundreds protest at sex swap Jesus play,’ Scottish Daily Mail, pg 13 November 4) The article says ‘Christians’ protests, but the non-Catholics contingent was very small.

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