Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lessons of Confidence We Learn from the Glorious Feast of Easter

Easter is a great feast day in the Church. On that day Our Lord conquered death and opened the gates of Heaven for the faithful. As joyous as Easter is, it is inseparable from Good Friday.

Our lives have moments of tremendous spiritual solace, but they also have trials and battles. In this way we imitate Our Lord. If one's life is only joys then there is something wrong, for all true followers of Our Lord must experience Calvary before Easter.

Imagine the apostles after the Crucifixion. They were petrified. Everything seemed lost to them. Our Lady alone knew and fully believed her Divine Son. She was not afraid. She consoled the apostles.

When we think that we are overcome by temptations and trials let us turn to Our Lady with confidence. She will calmly, yet immediately assist us. Even if we do not experience the palpable consolations, we should have full confidence, knowing that if we turn to her, Our Lady will always be there for us to bring us closer to her Son.

Today not only do we have our personal trials to suffer through, but we also have the Calvary that the Church is suffering. Our Lord was hated, yes hated, by the wicked. The Church today is also hated by the wicked of this time.

They do not seek correction, what they really seek is destruction. Their aim is to destroy the confidence of the faithful in the Church, thereby making Her vulnerable and susceptible to greater onslaughts.

We should resist these onslaughts with prayer, reparation and with all of our might. When we learn of a new blasphemy against Our Lord, Our Lady, or the Church, how do we react? Do we offer reparation? Do we make protest by email, by letter, by phone or even in person when possible?

The true faithful, those who are truly devoted to Our Lady, must desire to love Our Lord as Our Lady did. Every fiber of her being was focused upon Jesus and since its founding was focused upon the Church founded by Him.

Let us give proof of the devotion that we proclaim in silence by standing up to the enemies of Our Catholic Faith with all of the peaceful and legal tools at our disposal.

As the late Professor Plinio Correa De Oliveira wrote in the 14th Station of the Way of the Cross, "let me not fear because I am at the feet of Our Lady where the true followers of Thy Church always regroup and will always regroup for new victories."

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