Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unborn babies in Luxembourg need your help because…

Behind the scenes, the Parliament plans to greatly liberalize abortion.

Duke Paul of Oldenburg who visited St. Louis last year, has asked that we help stop the liberalization of abortion in Luxemburg... Please sign the petition below!

The introduction of a so-called “social indicator” is nothing more than Abortion on Demand.
It leaves the unborn child totally unprotected.

The politicians say they only wish to reduce the number of abortions.

To prohibit abortion absolutely is the only way to stop the shedding of the blood of innocent children.

You and I need to react vigorously NOW!

I want to defend the rights of the unborn!

Not only is a Social Indicator going to be introduced, but obligatory counseling as well!

This obligatory counseling will not stop the killing of the unborn child. It is nothing but a camouflage.

You and I need to protest against this planned liberalization of abortion.

So we demand:

Immediately: no indicators for abortions!

Ultimately: the total prohibition of abortion!

Members of Parliament can either defend the unborn child or be its murderers.

Participate in this vitally important initiative! Speak up for the defenseless
unborn child. You and I owe this to our children!

Please read what will happen if You do not react or protest NOW!

I want to act now and participate in this worldwide protest campaign.

The Luxembourg Members of Parliament in 2008 already supported the expansion of the culture of death when they forcibly introduced euthanasia against the will of Grand Duke Henry.

They will continue this expansion. They will only stop when they have achieved ALL their goals.

This must be stopped! React now by sending your protest to the members of parliament

DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE until you have raised your voice in defense of life!

My action in favor of the life of the unborn children.

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