Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rosary Rallies Everywhere! More News

Here is a blog created for the Public Square Rosary Crusade in Monterey Park, CA. There were 19 attendees. See here:


On one side is the Occupy Prescott (AZ) group, on another side the America Needs Fatima group.


Rosary Rally on State Street, right in front of the PA State Capitol building. About 125 people in attendance.

Processing from the Capitol building to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Harrisburg, PA.


Incredibly stormy weather during a rosary rally in Topeka, Kansas…but, there also was a rainbow!


The rosary rally in Antioch, CA, at Shape on Lone Tree Way.


Rosary Rally in Clearwater, Florida.


Very cold weather at the Wakefield, MI--rosary rally – at the Intersection of US2/M-28.

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