Monday, October 31, 2011

Town Reverses Decision to Ban Public Square Rosary Rally

It all started simply. Mike Casey wanted to pray. As part of the nationwide “America Needs Fatima” movement, Mike wanted to hold a public rosary in the small Massachusetts town of Upton. It would be one of 7,515 Public Square Rosaries held across the United States on October 15th.

Last year, he and a group of others prayed the rosary outside the rectory of a local church but this year Mike, the owner of a hardwood floor company, asked the township if he and a group of others could pray the rosary in the town common. “Part of the rosary is penance and praying in public is part of that,” explained Mike when I spoke with him last night.

The town denied his request. Mr. Casey did not take no for an answer and fought back.

The town has now said he can have his rally on the spot next year!

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