Monday, December 5, 2011

Fishermen Saved from Death by Praying Rosary to Our Lady of Fatima

An incredible miracle worked by Our Lady of Fatima has the entire Portuguese nation in wonderment.

The basic details of the story are that six fishermen went out to sea to fish in a boat named after the Holy Virgin of Sameiro, which is a Portuguese devotion to Our Lady.

The boat sunk suddenly and the fisherman got into a small raft and were adrift for five days in a very rough sea. Each time they saw a boat, they set off a flare, but no other boat saw them. Back at home, people started to give up on their return.

One of the fishermen said they prayed a lot to beat despair that was setting in. He said they had one pair of Rosary beads in the boat that belongs to the fishermen who is still in the hospital recovering.

We prayed a lot to Our Lady of Fatima. I prayed out loud and others prayed in silence. I have no doubt it was a miracle. "

The fisherman were finally rescued by the Air Force, almost by “accident”. A helicopter pilot said he saw a small red dot in the water and wondered what is was. It was the raft with shipwrecked fishermen who were waiting and praying to be rescued.

See video, pictures and the original article from Portugal in Portuguese:

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