Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Have the Remains of Pius IX Vanished?

Some friends in Rome have told us of the mysterious case of the disappearance of the mortal remains of Blessed Pope Pius IX

Blessed Pius IX who was beatified by John Paul II is buried in the
Basilica of San Lorenzo outside the walls. Those visiting on November 25 found they could not venerate the remains since there were not there. There was no sign or official commentary as to what happened.

According to some "rumors," the remains may have been removed because of a rain storm in Rome on October 20. The rain water did cause some flooding and might have been the cause of the removal.

The story was feature on several Italian blog sites including
L'associazione Luci sull'Est.
It is hoped that some news will soon be available as to the whereabouts of the venerable relics of the blessed Pope.

Let us pray that Pope Pius IX's remains will be unharmed and returned for public veneration since he was so hated by the revolutionaries of the time that, when he died, they threatened to to throw his body into the Tiber.

The picture below shows the empty relic case and the way it was before.

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