Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis in Ireland That Isn’t

IrelandIf one were to believe the mainstream media, the Catholic Church in Ireland is reeling from a burgeoning and active network of pedophile priests relentlessly preying on innocent children.
However, the recent release of the annual report from the Catholic Church's National Board for Safeguarding Children (NBSC, Ireland) tells a radically different story.
While even a single abuse allegation is upsetting, from April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, of 237 total allegations of abuse against Catholic priests, only six accusations alleged abuse within the past dozen years, since 2000. This represents one allegation every other year in all of Ireland in recent memory.
In other words, as in the United States, the abuse of children by Catholic priests in Ireland is a tragic era from years past.
However, don't look for these facts to be reported the next time the New York Times reports about the Catholic Church and sex abuse in Ireland.

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