Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reply to TFP Video: “I will take one of your signs and choke you”

Zero tolerance

“If I ever see you I swear I will take one of your [TFP] signs choke you with it, tie it to a tree and let your body hang there as a message to everyone that what you are doing is wrong!”

That’s only one of many nasty threats posted on YouTube in response to TFP Student Action’s traditional marriage video Attacked by Tolerance. 

With more than 67,000 views, Attacked by Tolerance is opening many eyes to the intolerance displayed by same-sex “marriage” advocates and their attempt to stifle freedom of speech whenever that speech favors traditional marriage.

Since the video’s release, more attacks have rolled in, confirming the evidence presented by the 17-minute documentary.  Tolerance is used as a smokescreen to more easily hide the homosexual revolution’s final goal:  To deface God-ordained marriage.

While the video footage provides hard evidence of how TFP volunteers were criminally assaulted during peaceful pro-family campaigns, homosexual “marriage” advocates insist that the video is “false,” “hateful,” “fake,” “intolerant,” “bigoted,” “despicable” and “idiotic.”

Threats and more

Well, take a look at the “tolerant” comments posted by pro-homosexual advocates on YouTube and elsewhere against the TFP’s work for traditional marriage:
  • “If I saw a banner that said ‘God’s marriage = 1 man + 1 woman,’ I would tear it down too. Nobody knows the mind of God so stop putting him in a box.”
  • “Until hundreds or even thousands of your people are killed in the name of the opposing groups, you don’t know what persecution actually is.”
  • “I liked this video because people threw bottles and spit on these idiots.”  
  • “You are a hate group, you deserve much worse attacks than these.”
  • “Wow, just looking at this guy makes me want to smash him in the face with a bottle.”
  • “TFP brought it upon themselves for being so hateful...”
  • “The offence you are suffering is due to the hate you are spilling. How would you like it if we stood outside your churches with pictures of the p*** christ and the list of evidences that Jesus was a fake.”
  • “Maybe if you stop spreading a hateful message, you'll stop receiving so much hate.  It's kind of easy to attack the bigot that's saying ‘no, you're not equal.’”
  • “Stop going to super liberal campuses like Berkeley if you want your ridiculous message to be accepted. Most tolerant people don't want to hear it. YOUR hate and intolerance is despicable. This is the 21st century, not the middle ages. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.”
  • “This video screams FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.”

It is hardly necessary to answer the claim that the Attacked by Tolerance video is fake.  The footage speaks for itself.  However, to dispel any possible doubts, TFP Student Action has posted a number of official police reports that establish the veracity of the attacks.

UC BerkeleyPolice report: UC Berkeley incident
UC BerkeleyPolice report: Fairport incident
UC BerkeleyPolice report: Arizona State University

Americans are not duped

Most Americans are not duped by the homosexual movement’s radical agenda.  Over 60% of North Carolinians, for example, recently approved a constitutional amendment to protect the definition of marriage as the exclusive union of one man and one woman. 

The Attacked by Tolerance video has received hundreds and hundreds of messages of support and encouragement.

“The darkness cannot stand the Light,” writes a traditional marriage supporter. “I am appalled at the actions of people in an ostensibly "free" society, a society that ostensibly cherishes free speech -- only for some, apparently.  You have been found worthy to suffer for Christ. You are blessed. Remain strong in your apostolate, and be assured of my prayers.”

“Way to go!” adds another. “May God continue to bless your efforts to face bravely, peacefully, calmly and gentlemanly the ugly arrogance, agitation, and violence of the homosexual movement.”

“TFP’s tolerance is commendable,” says another writer.  “Gay marriage advocates are marketing their cause by claiming to be victims and needing protected status. After Prop. 8 passed in California their true nature raged. Christians and Prop. 8 supporters were attacked violently. Pro Prop. 8 donor lists were used to make 1,000s of threatening phone calls, including death threats. They were intimidated at work. Churches were vandalized. A 14-year-old girl on YouTube was threatened with assault, rape and death.”

See the original video by clicking here

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