Sunday, December 16, 2012

French Govt Threatens to Disband Catholic Pro-family Activists for Violating 'Secularism' |

PARIS, December 14, 2012, ( - The French government will use a new proposed “Observatory of Secularism” to monitor and perhaps “dissolve” organizations such as Institut Civitas, a Catholic activist group opposing the government’s proposed homosexual “marriage” law, according to Reuters.

Reuters’ Religion Editor Tom Heneghan reports that France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced the policy at a Meeting on Secularism organized by socialist members of France’s National Assembly, the country’s lower legislative house, on Tuesday. 
Reuters is the only news agency known to to have reported on the statements, which were left unmentioned in the French press.

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French govt threatens to disband Catholic pro-family activists for violating 'secularism' |

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