Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Aren’t We Calling it the ‘Royal Fetus’? |

December 7, 2012 ( - As you have probably already heard, Kate Middleton is pregnant. Her offspring will be third in line for the British throne. The media have been abuzz with the news. In fact, I would say that they have been downright obsessive about it.

With all this coverage, I just have one question. Why is it that I have yet to hear or read anyone refer to her unborn child as the “royal fetus”? Oh, I’m sure someone has used the term “fetus,” but it seems to me that the preferred term is “royal baby” or “child,” even though the Duchess of Cambridge is in the very early stages of pregnancy (e.g., NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, CNN).
Could it be that we reserve the terms “baby” and “child” for unborn babies that are wanted and prefer the term “fetus” for unborn babies that are not? This is not an unwanted pregnancy but a wanted pregnancy. And the feeling is shared not only by the royal parents but by almost every person in the English speaking world. Since this is to be a royal birth to one of the most glamorous couples on the planet, almost every person on said planet is in eager expectation of this baby.

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Why aren’t we calling it the ‘royal fetus’? |

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  1. For the same reason one dare not reveal our beloved and worshipped St.Louis U. basketball coach so honored and loved by everyone far and wide ,truly a well deserved and iconic expression to such an admirable and dedicated gentleman of the world wide sportsworld .He will go down in the annals as the one to emulate but not replace a magnificant career he so established in the hearts of sports fans every where , but... How could one explain his abject condemnation for children in the womb he so publically expressed....Huh? Tell me !