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Vile V-Monologues Play Haunts 12 Catholic Colleges: PROTEST HERE

According to the Catholic Education Daily, twelve Catholic institutions of higher learning have allowed Eve Ensler's lewd play on their campuses this semester.

Here is the list published by the Cardinal Newman Society:

  • Bellarmine University (March 23 & 24)
  • The College of the Holy Cross (February 25 & 26)
  • Dominican University (February 14)
  • Georgetown University (February 14)
  • Georgetown University Law Center (February 21)
  • Loyola University - Chicago (March 15 & 16)
  • Saint Mary's College of California (February 15)
  • Seattle University (March 1, 2 & 3)
  • Siena Heights University (April 19 & 20)
  • The University of Detroit Mercy (February 28)
  • University of San Francisco (April 27 & 28)
  • Xavier University (April 2)

"Year after year, the play has been employed by the feminist pro-abortion movement as a tool to tear down moral boundaries," said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.

"Its vulgar and immoral content is designed to shock, degrade, and desensitize," he continued.  "Under the false guise of fighting to end violence against women, the production merely fosters the perverse culture that feeds the fire of disorderly passions which are responsible for causing violence and abuse in the first place -- namely, lust, homosexual behavior, immodesty and vulgarity."

Register your peaceful protest here

TFP Student Action has repeatedly protested the presence of this scandalous play on Catholic campuses. When the University of Notre Dame hosted a performance of the play in 2008, TFP Student Action organized a protest on campus, distributing a statement by Bishop John D'Arcy of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.  The late bishop's statement is still applicable today.
He said:

“While claiming to deplore violence against women,” the play “violates the standards of decency and morality that safeguard a woman’s dignity and protect her, body and soul, from sexual predators….

Most importantly, the sexual sin, which the play depicts in several scenes, desecrates women just as much as, if not more deeply than, sexual violence does. The play depicts, exalts, and endorses female masturbation, which is a sin. It depicts, exalts, and endorses a sexual relationship between an adult woman and a child, a minor, which is a sin and also a crime.”

How Catholics Must Speak the Truth
Bishop D’Arcy is categorical when addressing the main argument put forth by those advocating the play’s performance, that from its discussion… the truth will emerge.

“[W]hat makes a Catholic university distinctive is the conviction that in the search for truth, we do not start from scratch; we start from the truth that has been revealed to us in the Word of God, the person of Jesus Christ, and the teaching of his church. The notion that truth will emerge from a discussion in which many points of view are represented both disrespects revealed truth and separates the search for truth from the certainty of faith; instead, as Pope John Paul II stated in Ex Corde Ecclesiae: ‘A Catholic university’s privileged task is “to unite existentially by intellectual effort two orders of reality that too frequently tend to be placed in opposition as though they were antithetical: the search for truth, and the certainty of already knowing the fount of truth.” — John Paul II, Discourse to the Institut Catholique de Paris, June, 1, 1980, cited in Ex Corde Ecclesiae."

Why the V-Monologues Play is Spiritually Harmful
Bishop D’Arcy concludes, stating, “the performing of this play, even with one or more persons willing to present Catholic teaching, is in direct opposition to both the spirit and letter of Ex Corde Ecclesiae. Also, because it depicts and endorses sinful sexual acts in direct opposition to church teaching, I believe its performance to be pornographic and spiritually harmful. This judgment is made after prayer, reflection and dialogue and after preparing several statements over many years.

“Because of this pastoral finding, of which I am convinced, and keeping in mind primarily the spiritual welfare of our young students… A decision not to sponsor the play is not only consistent with academic freedom but is a right use of such freedom for it shows respect for the truth, for the common good and the rights of others. (cf. Ex Corde Ecclesiae, 12)”

Will the leaders of the twelve aforementioned Catholic universities and college act in accord with Catholic teaching and cancel the scandalous play?  It remains to be seen.

In the meantime, please register your protest here

Vile V-Monologues Play Haunts 12 Catholic Colleges: PROTEST HERE

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