Monday, October 6, 2014

A Rosary Story to Warm Your Heart

 It happened on a freezing night in Ohio.  See, the family only had enough coal to last them until dawn.   
     Little Mary, huddled with her parents and eight siblings, wondered if the coal truck would come in the morning.  But there was no guarantee. 
     So the family decided to say a Rosary and ask for heavenly help.  
     As they finished, they heard the rumble of the coal truck outside and Mary’s Dad ran out to help unload.  When he came back in, he commented to his wife and said, “funny, I never saw that delivery man before.”  
     But the family was now safe and warm.  So nobody really stopped to think about the delivery man.
     But things changed the next morning when another coal delivery truck arrived. 
     This time it was Mary’s Mom who went out to tell the driver that they had a delivery the night before.  
     The driver, her cousin, chuckled, and said, “I’m the only coal man in the area…If you got a load last night, St. Joseph must have brought it!” 
     Mary’s family never did discover who the delivery man was, nor did they ever get a bill.  But they did learn one thing:
     The Rosary is powerful!   And today more than ever. 

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