Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Catholic College to Host Pro-Abortion Speaker (protest here)

 Written by John Ritchie
While dedicated pro-lifers work to save babies, St. Norbert College will be doing something oddly different:
Welcoming a radical pro-abortion promoter to campus.
St. Norbert College -- a Catholic institution in Wisconsin -- has invited avowed abortion activist, Gloria Steinem, to speak next semester.
It’s so wrong and scandalous. Especially at a Catholic campus.
But I still think that you and I have enough time to make a real difference if we peacefully protest today and call the college to cancel Gloria Steinem's talk.
In fact, similar TFP Student Action petitions were really successful in getting other Catholic colleges to cancel pro-abortion speakers on campus.
So let’s do it again.
Because Gloria Steinem is like Margaret Sanger. Or even worse.
She boasted about her own abortion, saying: "it felt positive."
On another occasion, she said: “There is no organization in this country or the world that is more important than Planned Parenthood.” (NJ.com, Sept. 17, 2011)
And she also said this:
"Approximately one in three women in this country needs an abortion at some time in her life. It should be a part of reproductive rights." (The Washington Post - Nov. 19, 2013)
So, I'd like to ask you:
How on earth can a woman like Gloria Steinem with such a public pro-abortion record be invited to give a lecture at a Catholic institute, which ought to be a cornerstone in the defense of innocent life?
The unborn depend on you and your voice.
Thank you for defending innocent life.
John Ritchie

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