Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sign Petition Against Planned Parenthood at Catholic Campus

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Trinity Washington University -- a Catholic institution founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur -- currently refers students to mega abortion provider Planned Parenthood on its web site.

The entry for Planned Parenthood Federation of America is featured by the university's "Health & Wellness Center" under "Women's Health." [see the page here]

"If Catholic campuses like Trinity give Planned Parenthood legitimacy, where will Catholic students be able to find a Catholic environment that truly honors God and follows His Commandments?" asked TFP Student Action Director, John Ritchie.

"In our chaotic culture, this listing is highly confusing -- even scandalous. Catholic educators should encourage students to call for Planned Parenthood's permanent closure, not feature their baby killing centers as a legitimate health option for students," Ritchie said.  "As a Catholic university, Trinity should cut ties with Planned Parenthood immediately." 

TFP Student Action is launching a peaceful and respectful petition calling Trinity Washington University to remove Planned Parenthood from its web site.  The online petition is addressed to Dr. Patricia A. McGuire, president of Trinity, located in Washington, D. C.

"If enough good people speak out against Planned Parenthood, the pro-abortion movement will have a difficult time infiltrating and undermining more Catholic campuses with its destructive agenda," Ritchie concluded. 

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More contact information (please be firm yet polite):

Dr. Patricia A. McGuire
Trinity President’s Office, Main 150
125 Michigan Avenue, N.E.
Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 202-884-9050

Sign Petition Against Planned Parenthood at Catholic Campus

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