Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Send YouTube a Message against Eucharist Desecration Videos

Mr. Robert Ritchie reports that YouTube continues to allow videos that show the desecration of the Holy Eucharist.

For example, among others, there's a video in which a man takes a Host and mixes it with fresh fruit in a juicer machine.

Did you know that the video maker mocks Our Lord by saying: "I think that even Jesus himself would drink this juice it is so delicious...I can almost see Jesus in that juice already."

Finally, he mocks Our Lord before drinking the 'Jesus Juice' in these words:

"Jesus, we thank you for this juice. May it nourish my body."

So please send your protest message to YouTube by clicking here.

The good news is that tens of thousands of Catholics joined our previous email protests against similar desecration videos on YouTube. Other Catholic sites and groups here and abroad joined us, and we were able to get the desecration videos pulled from YouTube.

But the spiritual battle to defend the honor of the Holy Eucharist is far from over. And the posting of new desecration videos on YouTube should move us to act today, to reach millions more Catholics out of the one billion Catholics worldwide. Ultimately, we hope 100,000 people sign this protest message to YouTube.

Will you help do it by passing on this message to your friends and family?

Please send your protest message today to YouTube by clicking here.

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