Thursday, October 29, 2009

Duke Paul of Oldenburg to Speak Saturday in St. Louis

Please come on Saturday, October 31, to hear and meet Duke Paul of Oldenburg!

Duke Paul will speak at St. Francis De Sales parish hall at 2:00 pm: on "The Importance of Tradition.” Duke Paul, a descendant of Queen Victoria, is a member of the German TFP and is active in many of its campaigns. He is also a good friend of the Institute of Christ the King. He is one of the first male members of his family to convert to Catholicism in over 400 years of Protestantism! He gave an excellent talk on Our Lady at the TFP National Conference on October 24-25 in Spring Grove, Penn.

Duke Paul was also the inspiration behind our Public Square Rosary Rallies. He joined a group of students who were praying in public in Germany and told us about it. From his participation in that lone public rosary, came the 4,337 rallies across the country.

Please don't miss this opportunity to hear Duke Paul!

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