Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are Digital Votive Candles Just as Good as Wax?

On April 26, David Doña and Marcos RodrÍguez unveiled a digital votive candle stand in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – the famous pilgrimage site in Northern Spain where St. James is venerated. The device consists of a computer screen mounted on a metal stand decorated with the Cross of Saint James. It allows the faithful to light a virtual candle to St. James through a website. By simply clicking on the church and icon, anyone can remotely ignite a “candle” by putting in credit card or Paypal information. Candles can also be lit via text message.

RodrÍguez, an engineer and Doña, an information technologist, designed the votive candle stands and are talking to parish priests to install them in their sanctuaries. "It wasn't that hard actually," says DoÑa. "About 99% of the priests we spoke to were enthusiastic about it."

The virtual candles come at a time when most churches in Spain have switched from wax candles to electric ones. Now the digital change is meeting some resistance. Church officials are saying the new “candles” are much more economical…and of course safer…

The two inventors are already talking with authorities at Lourdes and Guadalupe

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In Spain, Church Candles Go Digital - Yahoo! News

What do you think? Are digital candles just as good as wax?

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