Monday, May 31, 2010


Franciscan Recounts His Special Mission in Siena

SIENA, Italy, (original story from Since 1997, Franciscan Father Paolo Spring has had a mission fully related to his vocation: he is in charge of a Eucharistic miracle that is in the Basilica of St. Francis in the city of Siena.

Every week he has to receive hundreds of of pilgrims, from children preparing for first Communion, to foreigners who want to see one of the most impressive Eucharistic miracles: that of 223 hosts consecrated 280 years ago, still intact in one of the basilica's side chapels.

"They come from all over the world where there are Catholics. They come to see the miracle. When they arrive, they sing, are moved and weep with joy," said the priest in conversation with ZENIT.

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