Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell -- Act Now!

We are facing a critical week and our military is in peril. In only a few days, members of Congress will decide whether or not to repeal the 1993 law regarding homosexuals in the military, which is usually mislabeled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

Activists who are determined to impose their agenda on the military believe that victory is imminent, but they still don’t have the votes. That could change in a matter of days — right before the Memorial Day recess.

Now is the time for all supporters of our military to email your members of Congress. You can do this by using the email protest form of the American Family Association in the link below.

All you have to do is click below and it will take you to their site and allow you to send personalized emails to your congressman and two senators.

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Email your members of Congress now!

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.

Please ask the members to: Support the 1993 law regarding homosexuals in the military and oppose all legislative efforts to repeal or weaken it, including a “moratorium” on enforcement, or repeal with “delayed implementation.”

You can also call your own members of Congress and the Senate and let them know that you expect them to oppose this radical social experiment on our military, which will make military life more difficult and more dangerous. To call ANY legislator, call the U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121


  1. It's time to get rid of your homophobia. Recent surveys show 8 out of 10 Americans support the repeal. I have a son who is currently deployed to the Middle East. I asked him what he and his comrades thought about gays openly serving in the military. The answer: no big deal. If they don't care, why should you? After all, gays are just as much the children of God as straights are.

  2. That is not what all the commanders of the Armed Services say. All of them say it is better not to change policy.

  3. Look at what the commanders say!
    Norton Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff : "This is not the time to perturb the force that is, at the moment, stretched by demands in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere without careful deliberation."

    Gen. George Casey, Army Chief of Staff, expressed "serious concerns about the impact of repeal of the law on a force that's fully engaged in two wars and has been at war for eight-and-a-half years."

    Gen. James Conway, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps: "I think the current policy works... At this best military advice to this Committee, to the [Defense] Secretary, and to the President would be to keep the law such as it is."

    Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations: "There has never really been an assessment of the force that serves....Equally important are the feelings of the families that support that force."

    These leaders--not the President's political puppets--should be empowered to set military policy.

  4. Anon 2 and 3

    Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who is the top military leader in the United States fully supports repeal. And as I said, my sense is that the rank and file soldier generally doesn't care. In any event, you are swimming against the tide of history. It will happen, whether now or a little farther down the road. Again, gays are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we should treat them as such.

  5. What is so new about homosexuality and rampant immorality? All the Romans and decadent civilizations had it. Why is it a tide of history? Aren't you saying that history is determined by fate?
    No tides do come in but they also go out.