Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brazilians People Overwhelming Reject the Abortion Agenda

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

( - The Brazilian people overwhelmingly reject the homosexualist and abortionist agenda of the nation’s ruling party, according to a new study conducted by the polling agency Vox Populi.

The poll revealed that 82% of Brazilians wish to maintain abortion as a crime, and 72% are against its depenalization. Religious differences only changed the latter result marginally, with 75% of Evangelicals, 73% of Catholics, and 69% of other religions opposing depenalization.

In addition, sixty percent of Brazilians are against the creation of homosexual “civil unions,” while only 35% are in favor.

The poll indicates that Brazilian Evangelicals are more successful communicating their churches’ condemnation of homosexual unions than Catholics. While only 19% of Evangelicals supported such unions, 37% of practicing Catholics supported them. For more, click here

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