Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Frederick for God's Marriage

Written by John Ritchie

This morning, in the bitter cold, we campaigned at two locations in Frederick – downtown and on Rt. 40 near Giant. Pedestrian traffic downtown gave us the opportunity to distribute 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed fliers and have some face-to-face discussions.


Few people are undecided on the issue. They either love or hate the campaign. And the reactions are instantaneous. There’s no hesitation.

A young U.S. Marine rolled his car window down and said: “The U.S. Military agrees with you. We’re against homosexuality too. Semper Fi!” Moments later, a pro-homosexual woman crossing the intersection spit at us. Luckily, the spittle did not land on anyone.

After lunch, the caravan stopped in Germantown for another campaign. Here, at a busy intersection, the HPM (honks per minute) were excellent.

Please continue to pray for the victory of traditional marriage in Maryland. And pray for us as we travel from city to city.


Help us stay on the road

To help us stay on the road for traditional marriage, please consider filling our gas tank. With an intense travel schedule, our fifteen passenger van consumes about one tank of gasoline per day. Your gift of $79.00 will keep us going for 330 miles.

Sponsor 1 Tank (330 miles) = $79
Sponsor 2 Tanks (660 miles) = $158
Sponsor 3 Tanks (990 miles) = $237

If you want to contact us on the tour, please call 717-495-5427. God bless you.

The Gazette published a story on the campaign:

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