Friday, June 17, 2011

In Albany for Traditional Marriage

We campaigned in downtown Albany, near the capitol building. It was excellent. However, we saw billboards around Albany that promote homosexuality. One reads: “I am gay and I am here to stay.” We also noticed rainbow flags hanging from a Lutheran church and various shops.

Campaign for marriage in Albany
Defending true marriage in downtown Albany, near the state capitol.
“This is the classiest protest I’ve ever seen,” remarked a businessman with a smile. At this location, one could more easily have one-on-one discussions and share pro-family literature. Passing cars honked too. In fact, when CBS 6 arrived to cover the campaign, the camera man could hardly concentrate on his interview questions due to all the honking.

Compromise = failure

“We need to give in a little bit to show goodwill,” said a man who stopped to talk. “Take a step in favor of same-sex ‘marriage’ and you will attract more people to your cause…” His centrist tone was calculated to discourage but easy to detect. “If each successive generation gives in a little, where will society end up?” asked TFP volunteer Matthew Shibler. Compromise on non-negotiable issues only leads to defeat. As we can clearly see, successive concessions have only placed society on the slippery slope of moral decay and self-destruction. Contraception leads to abortion, abortion and promiscuity leads to same-sex “marriage, and so on.

Then TFP member Norman Fulkerson chimed in: “History is not made by the masses, but by small groups of principled and dedicated men who defend what is right, even when it’s unpopular or politically incorrect.”

campaign in Albany
TFP member Norman Fulkerson talks
about the need to defend marriage.
Visit to the State House

After praying in the beautiful historic church of St. Mary’s, TFP volunteers directed their steps to the State House. In teams of two, we visited the office of every New York state leader, delivering handouts in favor of God-ordained marriage. Reactions were mixed.

Our youngest TFP volunteer, James, a New York resident, was actually expelled from one of the offices by a yelling woman who displayed a rainbow flag on her desk. “Get out of my office,” she repeated, and so vociferously, that other TFP volunteers heard the shouts from the outside corridor. James, only 15, was rather shocked by this uncivil reaction.

Campaign despite rain and hail

Rush-hour traffic on Central Ave. near Colonie Mall was congested and sluggish, perfect for a campaign. The sheer volume of traffic meant that our message would reach a large audience and be very effective.

Dark clouds soon precipitated a heavy downpour, giving us a good soaking, which was not completely unwelcome since the blistering sun was intense. The scene was rather dramatic: rain, bumper-to-bumper traffic, loud and constant honking for traditional marriage, and an occasional insult. Then, moments after praying our customary three Hail Marys to wrap up for the day, the rain turned into hail the size of small ice cubes. The wind picked up too, hurling shopping carts across the parking lot like little toys. Almost drenched to the bone, we loaded our vehicles after a very successful day of campaigns in defense of God’s eternal law.

Campaign for marriage in Albany
Hail the size of small ice cubes pelted us at the end of the day.
May God grant us victory

May our small sacrifices and efforts to save traditional marriage in New York be pleasing to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and, through the maternal intercession of Our Lady, attract God’s blessing and yet another victory for the family.

Please continue to pray for triumph of true marriage in New York and thank you so much for all your support.

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