Monday, September 5, 2011

Miraculous Medal Gets Fatima Fliers Printed on Time

Written by Robert Ritchie

My friend Sergio De Paz from Miami, Florida, went to the printer last week to pick up copies of the America Needs Fatima invitation flier for the upcoming Rosary Rally at Miami's Tropical Park on September 10.

The printer gave him some bad news.

"Sorry fliers are not ready. The printer is out of order and out of ink. Come back next week.”

Mr. De Paz reached in his pocket and took out the Miraculous Medal that he had just received the day before from America Needs Fatima in the mail.

He placed the Medal on the printer and said to the shop owner, "Let’s say a Hail Mary and ask Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal to help get this machine running."

They did just that. After praying they turned on the press again, and pushed the start button. The machine worked fine, and Mr. De Paz got his fliers printed right then and there.

He went home happy and with his fliers in a box, pondering whether this was just a coincidence or if it was a miracle worked by Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal.

After all, it’s called “miraculous” for a reason, right?

The flyer that needed to be printed (above)

If more Catholics would have faith in the power of Catholic sacramentals, and in Our Lady’s intercessory power to work miracles, they would be less inclined to look for solutions in false religions.

Turn off Oprah Winfrey and turn on Our Lady’s intercessions

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