Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brown University Student Comments on Intolerance of TFP

The following commentary was published the Brown Daily Herald by student guest columnist Garret Johnson:

"There is also a general attitude at Brown that there are only two acceptable political views: liberal, or very liberal. This intolerance of conservative political views reached a fever pitch March 23 when the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property came to College Hill to protest Rhode Island's proposed legalization of gay marriage. The group held signs, played bagpipes and handed out pamphlets with their arguments against gay marriage.

"To say that Brown students reacted fiercely would be a gross understatement. While the society members stood on the Main Green and exercised their First Amendment right to free speech, Brown students surrounded the group. One student spat on one of the protesters. Another ran through and ripped a large "Traditional Marriage" banner. Others were seen giving the middle finger to the protesters. The students may have thought terrorizing the protesters and vandalizing their property was funny.

"The University never apologized to the protesters for the broken property, nor did it reprimand the students involved. But to anyone observing the events of March 23, supposedly liberal and accepting Brown students seemed hypocritical, seeking tolerance of different nationalities and skin colors, but not of different political views.

To see how the TFP was treated during this campaign in defense of traditional marriage, see the video by clicking here.

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  1. Will these young people who consider themselves so very intelligent and so very politically correct, ever look into their behavior and say : "I am not being intellectually honest."?