Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Lady's Statue 'Guards' House From Texas Wildfire

Smoke from a raging wildfire still filed the sky when one evacuee in Texas returned to his home. He found his home unscathed thanks to a statue of Our Lady that he believes stopped the fire.

The Texas wildfire had been burning for days across central Texas last week and incinerated about 1,400 homes and tens of thousands of acres of land. It has burned every yard and everything on them in the Ranch Crest Subdivision of Montgomery County, Texas, CNN reported. “But miraculously all the homes here are still standing.”

The fire line came right up to a barely two-foot tall statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe placed on two stones and resting against a tree in the Garcia’s garden, and then stopped suddenly.

Garcia discovered this after he returned home for the first time after four days, and thanked the Virgin Mary. “She protected our home, everybody’s homes. We prayed to it before we left to protect everybody’s homes,” he told CNN, pointing toward the statue outside his house.

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