Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beyond Disgusting: Protest Movie Thrashing Our Catholic Faith!

Warning: read with extreme caution. This new movie is very disturbing.

In the new movie, “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas,” there are such disgusting scenes as:

- Lesbian activity among nuns
- Obscenities hurled at Our Lord Jesus Christ
- Priests running after an altar boy
- The trashing of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Small children high on cocaine

This is an unspeakable blasphemy!

And it shows that Catholics cannot become complacent when the Faith is attacked.

Otherwise, the promoters of blasphemy keep on pushing the envelope with new and more outrageous insults to the Catholic Church.

Yet they don’t attack Muhammad in this same way!

For too long, Catholics have remained silent and done nothing while the Faith was attacked. Now, we will peacefully and prayerfully protest and speak out against these mockeries of our Faith.

Send your instant e-protest message now. Click here!

And please do an act of reparation for this most terrible blasphemy against Our Lord, Our Lady and the Catholic Faith

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  1. Believing in bronze age bullshit means you're too fucking stupid to realize that protest and negative publicity actually brings attention to a film in question resulting in significantly increased attendance, not less. This has been demonstrated time and time again in the past. Thanks for the publicity, I'll shall definitely watch this film. Also---where do you get the unmitigated arrogance to think that your faith has some sort of sacred immunity from criticism? Last I checked ALL religious faith belongs in the category of IDEAS and no idea is free from criticism and ridicule. Everyone has the right to express what they think of religious ideologies under which they suffered and the Catholic Church tops the list as history demonstrates.

    So if I think Catholic Church is an orifice where the sun never shines and the Pope a fascist zealot protector of child abusers; I'll damn well say so no matter what you say. I refuse to be silenced by the likes of fascist assholes like you, so pucker up buttercup.