Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TFP National Conference 2011: Great Pictures and Highlights

Over the weekend, the American TFP held its 2011 National Conference with attendees from all over the country and from some foreign countries too.

Here are some photos that express the atmosphere that reigned at the conference, which was one of the serious and temperate joy, dedication, and desire to fight the good fight for Our Lady and the Catholic Church.

The photos are listed in chronological order, from the moment that the conference started on Friday night, and then they follow the timeline of the events as they happened.

Don Juan of Austria leading the Holy League in battle against the Turks at Lepanto (puppet show).

On Saturday morning, conference attendees got a beautiful snowy welcome.

View of the conference auditorium, where attendees heard a series of talks on Tradition, Family, Property: Where do we go from here?

The coffee breaks seemed too short as people discussed the pressing issues of the day and caught up with friends.

The snow only enhanced the scenery on the Estate of Our Lady of Good Success.

Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP.

Lunch and dinner were served in the tent.

“This was the very best conference ever,” some said.

Panoramic photo of the conference room.

While the adults were in the talks, the children made a snow scenery of the Our Lady and the 3 Fatima children.

TFP members in their ceremonial habit lead the torch lit rosary procession.

The torch lit rosary procession and the statue of Our Lady of Hope of Macarena.

Another view of the torch lit rosary procession and the statue of Our Lady of Hope of Macarena.

Mr. Roark Mitzell (in armor) and Mr. Michael Whitcraft demonstrate the art of the long sword as the conference attendees arrived for the Medieval Banquet.

The Medieval Banquet on Sunday night.

Panoramic view of the Medieval Banquet during the final address of His Imperial Highness, Prince Bertrand.

His Imperial Highness, Prince Bertrand.

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