Monday, September 30, 2013

49% of Americans Now Believe Abortion Is Immoral

In August, the Pew Research Foundation released survey results which focused on the morality of abortion, and indicate that just about half of the population (49%) views abortion as flat-out immoral. But that does NOT mean that the remaining 51% view having an abortion as a morally acceptable choice. In fact, only 15% of Americans consider having an abortion morally acceptable, according to the survey, while 23% hold that it is not a moral issue.

While the religion that identifies individual Americans plays a significant role in predicting their stance on abortion, church attendance is a stronger indicator of where an individual will stand on abortion.

Notably, the survey also revealed that more women than men find abortion morally unacceptable, at 50% versus 48%. The Republican versus Democrat views reflect that 64% of Republicans view abortion as morally wrong, while only 38% of Democrats do, with an even larger gap between those who view themselves as conservative versus liberal, at 67% versus 31% holding abortion to be morally wrong, respectively.

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  1. A survey they did earlier in January showed 43% of the public thought it was morally wrong.